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    Regular - Jeans & trousers

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    Men's jeans and men’s pants in all sizes 

    Trousers for men for nice use, for work and for relaxation 

    Are you going for cool casual?
    A pair of nice men's jeans mixed with a nice shirt may very well be the perfect look for you then. A look that always goes. At North 56°4 we offer a wide range of jeans and other types of trousers for men of many sizes, no matter if you are looking for men's jeans or men's pants for work, for parties or for leisure. All of them in the best materials. The characteristic of the whole range of pants for men is that there are both classic styles and styles that follow the trends of the time right now. That’s why, when choosing jeans, you can find both classic, uniform washings and styles with prewashed details that give a more casual look.


    A wide range of different models

    North 56°4 gives you a wide range of men's pants and men’s jeans, but not just that. First of all, we can guarantee you pants where both comfort and appearance are highly prioritized so they make you feel comfortable. Try our size guide, so you can be sure to get the right size with you home.

    The really good pants are the foundation for your entire wardrobe. Choose from the different categories of styles on this page: Denim jeans for men, black jeans for men, men’s slim fit jeans, cargo pants, chinos for men, casual trousers and many more.


    When choosing pants, we always recommend that you firstly think about quality and fit. The quality must be comfortable and durable and of course the pants must have the right size. Neither too big nor too small.

    You can easily find cheap men’s jeans on this page without compromising on quality. Are you not looking for jeans, though? Perhaps you're more into our plus size pants in different cool models, casual cargo pants for men, or miss a pair of classical, stylish chinos or black pants for men.

    You can put each pair of basic men's trousers together with all shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, knit etc. so you always make a good investment with a pair of timeless, good pants.


    Men's pants for many looks 

    With pants or jeans from North 56°4 you can both create stylish and practical outfits. Here you find men's trousers that can go as a casual style, or a cool look in combination with a classic shirt. You find men’s jeans for the formal job interview and jeans for everyday life. You decide if you want to dress up with a blazer and tie or dress down with a sweatshirt and sneakers - you can wear the same pair of men's jeans for it all. Men's chinos are the cool midway between nice and casual, and on this page the range of trousers for men is big, so it gives you a lot of possibilities for looks for whatever occasion.