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    Shirts for men 

    Shirts that look good on every man 

    North 56°4 creates comfortable and cool clothes for men - this also goes for our men's shirts.

    As a man you should always have at least one or two shirts hanging in the closet if you ask us. We offer a wide range of short-sleeved and long sleeve shirts for men of all sizes. Explore the selection on this page and find the right style for you.

    Shirts may not be part of your everyday outfit, but they may be an important part of the styling when the occasion is a little more formal than usual. You can also be cool and casual in a shirt, and the comfort can be exactly the same as if it was a T-shirt when the material is of the right quality. One thing is for sure - All men look good in a shirt!


    Are you into the casual cool or classic look? 

    Do you need a shirt for a formal occasion or just for a casual everyday look? Both can be found here. Men’s checkered shirts or plaid shirts can be great for a casual outfit, while more classic single-colored shirts are great for parties and nice use - for example, with a pair of nice chinos. If the weather is good, you can choose the short-sleeved shirt and match with a pair of cool jeans or shorts.


    You can achieve a timeless look for both work and leisure with one of our many stylish men's shirts. The most classic one of them all is the blue men's shirt, which should definitely be included in at least one version in the man's wardrobe. But it is also great that shirts need not only be formal. They can also be part of a casual outfit, for example, a denim or patterned style.


    Lots of quality shirts for men 

    The best shirt in any situation is a high quality shirt. This goes for both formal shirts for men and casual shirts for men. The high quality is a value we prioritize very much in the North 56°4 collection. We have designed men’s dress shirts and casual shirts that will fit perfectly - on men of all sizes. The right fit is absolutely essential for feeling well in your shirt. When the shirt fits perfectly, it makes a big difference for your appearance and boosts your self-esteem.

    Are you in doubt about the right size for you? Check out our size guide and find help.


    Men's shirts from North 56°4 are especially characterized by the great material selection. They stay nice for a long time, so you make a good investment by purchasing one of our men's shirts. Use it for everything from party to work or leisure with the right styling.