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    Regular - Shorts & Swim wear

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    Men’s shorts & men’s swimwear

    Shorts for men of all sizes

    At North 56 ° 4 you will find a large selection of men's shorts and men’s swimwear. We carry all sizes and types of shorts for men so you do not have to look any further.

    The collection combines classic style with a good fit and is especially characterized by the good comfort and durable quality. You can look at the different types of men's shorts under these subcategories:

    Men’s running shorts - Sport shortsMen’s cargo shorts - Denim shortsMen’s chino shorts - Men's swim trunks.


    Put them together with other light styles like T-shirts and sandals and you have the perfect outfit for the summer season. In addition to basic shorts for men you can of course also find your new men’s swim trunks here in our range for the summer vacation by the beach or the pool.


    The right styling in the summer season 

    With men’s shorts and men’s swimwear from North 56°4 you are ready for nice weather - with style, functionality and top comfort. Our many different variants of shorts for men make it easy to style the shorts for everything from a classic office look to a cool casual look - for everyday activity, workout and party.

    If you want some of the more stylish men's shorts, men’s chino shorts are a great choice. Chinos can go fine at formal occasions, depending on what you style them with. An elegant look for the summer party could consist of, for example, a pair of beige chino shorts, a white polo shirt, a pair of loafers and sunglasses to top the outfit with.

    The ideal casual look could very well be achieved with a trendy denim-in-denim outfit or with a combination of a pair of cozy grey sweat shorts and a light T-shirt for when you really want to relax.


    Shorts for sports and leisure 

    Under the North 56°4 SPORT collection you can find all the perfect shorts for your workout. Running, cycling, football, badminton, tennis etc. The wide range of shorts for the active man also includes several varieties of men’s swimwear.

    We can, for example, recommend the model North 56°4 SPORT Swimshorts. If you are cycling, we would recommend you to take a closer look at North 56°4 SPORT Bike Shorts w / Suspenders. You can of course also find a good selection of men’s running shorts and running tights for men such as North 56°4 SPORT Running shorts.


    Remember, you can always check our size guide to find the right size of shorts and workout clothes.