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    Regular - Sweatshirts & Knits

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    Sweatshirts for men 

    Men’s sweatshirts and knitwear for all sizes 

    Sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigans and hoodies for men are the all-classic choices for leisure and everyday use. They provide a comfortable, relaxed look, but can be mixed and matched for more nice use.

    A sweatshirt with no hood and a round neckline is less sporty than men's hoodies, so it's easy to style for a nice everyday look. In this way you get both the great comfort and the good style in one shirt. This type of men's sweatshirts can remind you of knits that can be used for everything from work to more formal occasions. For example, use a knit with a pair of chinos and a shirt to get a super nice outfit that you also feel comfortable in. Check out North 56°4 V Knit in 100% cotton wool.

    When the weather is indecisive, you can benefit from a cool cardigan with hood or men’s zip up hoodies so you can change into it quickly. See North 56°4 Cardigan for men w / hood.


    At North 56°4 you can buy everything in hoodies for men, sweatshirts for men and men’s cardigans - all designed in good quality, with high comfort and with an appropriate size for each man.


    Create a nice look with knit 

    Men's knitwear is available in a variety of models here at North 56°4 in the same category as a lot of cool sweatshirts. With a good knit, hoodie or sweatshirt you can be prepared for all weather. We have custom-designed sweatshirts for men of all sizes - both classic and timeless styles, as well as sweaters inspired by the season and the latest fashion trends. In short, something for every taste. Men’s sweatshirts with modern patterns and outstanding colors and also styles with only a few details for the more simple look. You'll find it all at North 56°4.


    Sweaters and knitwear for men give you a lot of possibilities for looks, which makes them a very essential part of the wardrobe. Let your clothes reflect your personality and put together your favorite items after your mood. A sweater perfectly matches a t-shirt or shirt combined with a pair of black jeans and sneakers in a casual look, but at the same time it can also be used in a formal look combined with a nice shirt, chinos and classic men's shoes.


    Relaxed and sporty style in sweats 

    A super comfortable sweatshirt like those from North 56°4 is perfect for a day where you just want to relax. Mix with your favorite t-shirt and a pair of cozy socks, and the outfit for relaxation is complete. Men's sweatshirts are also popular for sports and other activities where you need comfortable quality clothes that you can move freely in. Sweat clothes were originally created for athletes and especially used to stay warm before and after training.


    Find inspiration for your styling in our STYLE NEWS, and find the right sweater in our wide range of knitwear and sweatshirts for men on this page.

    Go for casual and comfortable looks with a sweatshirt or knit in various colours and prints. Made for the perfect, laid-back style.