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    Regular - T-shirts & Polo

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    Men's T-shirts in all sizes 

    T-shirt or polo? Styles to suit every taste 

    North 56°4 has a wide range of men’s polo shirts and men's t-shirts. T-shirts are an ultimate classic that can be used year-round, and with the latest news from North 56°4, the timeless style gives a fresh boost for the coming season. Our basic men's T-shirts are well-known for the clean lines as well as the comfortable quality and fit that goes well for all men. It's the kind of T-shirt that we all return to over and over again.

    With 8-10 T-shirts in a good quality, you have a solid basic wardrobe. Some of them with exciting prints and colors, and fill up with timeless styles, like basic white T-shirts, so you can always create a harmonious outfit without looking boring. Try a T-shirt with simple dotted pattern or a T-shirt with a patterned chest pocket.

    Polo t-shirts for men are a characteristic classic T-shirt with collar and buttons and can also create variation in the wardrobe as it fits well for more nice use.


    At North 56°4 you will find both men's T-shirts with round necks and V-neck T-shirts for men, lots of different prints and great colors for the season.


    Lots of looks with modern T-shirts 

    T-shirts never go out of style. They are always a safe choice, whether you are on your way to work, a party or sports. On the contrary, it does not mean that your look needs to be boring. There are many, many possibilities with men's T-shirts. A comfortable piece of clothing for each season that can be mixed with a great variety of items in your wardrobe.

    Try styling your T-shirt or polo t-shirt with a pair of plus size jeans, shorts for summer, chinos or classic men's trousers, depending on how casual or nice an expression you are looking for. There are no restrictions when it comes to T-shirts for men.

    All T-shirts for men in the North 56°4 collection are designed with a good fit for all sizes, so you can feel comfortable in them. The great comfort is one of the main reasons why we sell men's T-shirts all over Europe.


    Style tips with T-shirts and polos 

    There are infinite possibilities with men’s T-shirts and polos, so everyone can create their own personal looks. T-shirts in classic colors like black, white and grey are always safe winners for both casual and nice occasions. Add a blazer, a pair of nice chinos and loafers for the perfect work look.

    Choose a T-shirt with strong colors or print if you want to show more edge. It can be mixed with a pair of timeless pants in neutral colors. You can also go with the ever-classic polo T-shirt for more formal occasions.

    Check out your many options in men's T-shirts on this page.